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Housing for Canastilla

Housing for Canastilla

The baskets of steel plate lined with CASE FOR CANASTILLA are the ideal system Dovela Diamond Products in making industrial floors complement. Installed in the transverse joints.

They are used in the transverse joints (also called expansion joints) and ensure optimum performance by differential movements in the expansion joint, these movements can be caused mainly by warping of slabs, thermal expansion of concrete or normal operation of transfer load between slabs.


Advantages of charge transfer system with rack housing

With the installation of CASE FOR CANASTILLA you can optimize the amount of steel used in the work, reduce costs in the post-sales service, reduce direct labor costs, optimize the amount of steel in a project and to shorten construction deadlines.






The design of the CASE TO BASKET allows you to have greater support area of steel joints and locate them to within six inches of an intersection.

Its installation requires less time than the traditional system, even this may be run by a single person during concrete placement; It allows easy leveling the subgrade at any time.

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